Our Mission

 To transform the lives of Uganda children in the name of Christ. To educate, care for, seek justice and raise up new leaders for Gulu, Uganda and beyond.

How we pursue this mission:

  1. Educational Development: We believe that children are the way to transformation of our world. Jesus saw them as vital to the kingdom of heaven, and so do we.
  2. Promotion of Justice: We want to see the cycle of poverty broken in Gulu and our world, so we fight to uphold the dignity of each child and family that is affected by our child sponsorship program.
  3. Partnership with Churches: We began out of ROCKHARBOR Church in Costa Mesa, California, and we desire to continue partnering with churches here in the West, as well as on the ground. It is through the church that we can witness spiritual and social change.
  4. Commitment to Witness Jesus Christ

Our Vision

We want to see each of these children raised to know Christ; educated; and to have dreams to raise up their community with their renewed chance with life.

Our Values

We value children, their families, the restoring power of Christ, breaking the cycle of poverty, and the hope that comes from child sponsorship support.

The Renew Gulu Story

Renew Gulu was born out of ROCKHARBOR Church’s Uganda Ministry to Gulu Bible Community Church in 2013. Our ministry leaders felt there was a great need in Gulu, to help get kids educated, and to help break the cycle of poverty that persisted post Civil War.

We believe that God gives each community the unique gifts and capabilities to raise that community up, however, often partnerships are necessary to invest long term to begin that process. A primary hope for our partnership is to see the church in Uganda “stand upon its own” as we walk alongside them. GBCC has established leadership able to care for the people of Gulu, and has shown capacity to administer the Child Development Program. We are so excited to partner with GBCC as they partner with Renew Gulu on the ground to provide education and holistic care for each of these kids.

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