How do I sponsor a child?

Choose one ore more children from our page of kids awaiting sponsorship.

What Does My Sponsorship Cover?

In addition to receiving school tuition, a uniform, and school supplies, your children will receive leadership training, medical care as needed, and spiritual guidance based on Christian principles through the direction of our partner church GBCC. 

One unique attribute of Renew Gulu is that your children are directly tied to the GBCC church community, thus providing us with an opportunity to connect with them in ways typically not possible in larger sponsorship programs. 

Our hope is that someday as self sustaining initiatives take deeper root and the community of Gulu regains it's financial independence, this sponsorship program will not be necessary. Our desire is not to replace the love and care of a nurturing community, but to augment that community’s ability to “raise its children in the way they should go.”

Can I communicate with my child?

The kids LOVE being able to share about what is going on in their lives, and REALLY LOVE knowing that they have a sponsor who is providing and praying for them in the United States! We anticipate providing these reports once a year, and hopefully more often in the future as time permits. In a further effort to cut down on expenses, these reports will be emailed to you. In addition to your personal child report, we will also be providing a child "highlight" stories from time to time.

So what can you do right now?  Login to your account to write your child!
Simply login and go to My Profile > Write a Letter to My Child

Can I send my child a gift?

If you feel led to provide your children with a gift for a birthday, Christmas, or any other reason, you may do so by using the login to your account page.Unfortunately due to shipping complications and costs we are unable to take physical gifts, but we will work with our Gulu child relations team to ensure any one-time financial gifts are allocated toward your child.  Our Gulu team will discuss the gift with your child's parents, so they can empower them to purchase an appropriate gift for your child.  

To provide a one time financial gift, please visit the login to your account
Click on My Profile > My Sponsorships > Click the Green "New Donation" button next to the name of the child you would like to send a gift to.

Lastly, please try to provide these donations at least 30 days before your child's birthday or Christmas so we can issue the gift in time (most gifts take 30 days to process.)

Can I visit my child?

We make one trip to Gulu each year with a team lead by Rockharbor Church. If you would like to inquire about one of our upcoming trips to Gulu please contact us.

what is the lifespan of the childhood sponsorSHIP?

Sponsorship is not based on an age milestone like it would be in the United States, it's progress based. When a child turns 18 years old, that doesn't mean they are on their own yet, graduating HS or even ready to....  support timelines vary based on every individual and can continue through college if the child pursues that avenue. When their schooling is complete sponsorship comes to an end. Other reasons for sponsorship ending include moving away, get married, or not following the program guidelines.

What does "biggest need" mean?

Biggest need is a child that have a more intense life situation going on that needs attention more urgently. Often a troubling parent, living situation or economic emergency. In most instances it's confidential and only our program leadership is aware of the exact issue.

WHy do students show they need support but also show sponsored?

Weve found that it costs a lot more to raise a child in Uganda than $38/month, so we allow beneficiaries to have multiple sponsors contributing beneficiary. For example a child may show "sponsored" but it's only a single share of multiple shares available to support that child. Elementary students are given 2 shares. HS and College students 4 shares. This allows us to provide better support to individuals and provides a form of backup if a sponsorship is dropped.